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Meet the people behind Online Psychic Fair:

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Welcome to the Online Psychic Fair!  Thank you for dropping by!  My name is Psychic Medium Mary Beth Wrenn and I created the Online Psychic Fair!  It’s a virtual platform showcasing metaphysical businesses and spiritual leaders whom offer their in-person and virtual services to you!

We are an enlightened group of entrepreneurs offering our spiritual services to you through a variety of options – like chat rooms, classes, special events, pod-casts, online psychic fairs and private one on one individual sessions.

Check out our directory of psychics & professionals.  Read through their short description and if you see someone you like just click on their name and it will take you either directly to their website or to their homepage within the Online Psychic Fair. 

You can purchase readings & professional sessions individually or you can become a member of the Online Psychic Fair where you have access to other services such as classes, special events, admittance to our monthly Online Psychic Fair and much more.  

Take a look around.  Check out the directory or the calendar of events.  Tune into one of our Online Psychic Fair Podcasts or read one of our interesting blogs.  

This is a platform for you to learn and explore the wide world of the metaphysical realm of the body, mind and spirit! Connect with your loved ones on the Other Side or discover what the future holds for you! 

I created the Online Psychic Fair nearly 20 years ago, based on my own personal psychic visions about such an endeavor when the internet was still in its infancy.  By the time I created the Online Psychic Fair, I had already been a full time professional psychic medium for over 2 decades!  Trusting my intuition despite being ridiculed by others for believing in such a wild idea, I built an online psychic reading business helping others to create and brand their own successful businesses. 

My company is now into its 3rd decade specializing in psychic visions, connections to the other side and spiritual empowerment.  My company provides a lucrative platform for metaphysical, spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs to build your reputation, refine your brand and most importantly to increase your client base.


My promise to our clients seeking to connect with the right professional is to screen and vet all of our professionals that are associated with us.  We expect the utmost, upfront and quality services from our professionals here at The Online Psychic Fair.  You can ‘try before you buy’ a session by attending one of our mini ‘free reading’ chat rooms.  You can join our newsletter service or become a member of the Online Psychic Fair.  For a nominal membership fee you get special incentives like discounts on events access to online classes before they are announced to the public and so much more! 

Thank you for taking the time to discover what the Online Psychic Fair is all about.  I look forward to serving you in the future!


Over the phone or online. 

Viritual Classes, Podcasts & much more! 

Readings Online, Anytime! 

please pardon the mess - we're still under - reconstruction! 

If you're an aspiring entrepeneur or psychic professional looking to expand your reach, contact us here:


(704) 566-8300

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Kannapolis, NC 28083

Are you a returning client?  Would you like to become one of our clients but have a question or concern then please contact us here:

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